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Adam's Auto Wash provides car wash and detailing services in the Goldsboro and Greenville, NC areas. With a focus on superior results, you will find the following statement prominently displayed at each of our facilities.

"We appreciate you visiting our location today. In every aspect of our operation, from the pump island, to the washrooms, our goal is to deliver the highest level of service.
At Adam's Auto Wash our promise is to provide you with the best and cleanest car wash in the state. That's why we inspect each car to ensure it is clean.

We want to meet the standards of our most important customer - You! If at any time your car wash is not up to your standard, we would appreciate you telling the General Manager so it can be corrected immediately. Also, it would be appreciated if you call us at 919-778-6170."

In addition to providing superior service, Adam's Auto Wash is also green - ecologically green that is. With a wash water process that recycles approximately 80% of our wash water, Adam's Auto Wash is good for your car and fotr the environment.
coupons and discounts

Our car care coupons and discounts can be used to obtain a substantial savings on selected Adam's Auto Wash services. Your computer will need the free Adobe Reader in order to view the current coupons and discounts.
    Please visit the location, and purchase it from our registarar!
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Adams offers Regular & Premium Conventional Gas (No Ethanol)

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